Mauldin Police

Business Liaison Officer

In July of 2010 the Mauldin Police Department established a new position within the police department known as the Business Liaison Officer.  This position was designed to help build a strong working relationship between the business owners of the City of Mauldin and the police department. Business Liaison Corporal Adam Wilson holds basic and advanced certifications in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and is available to the business community in Mauldin to perform assessments on building security.

Corporal Wilson attends a variety of local functions with the Mauldin Chamber and remains visible in the community through speaking engagements at local schools and community events. Corporal Wilson also organizes other police sponsored events such as National Night Out and

the Mauldin Police Youth Academy.  Group tours of the police department can also be set-up through Corporal Wilson.

Please contact Corporal Adam Wilson at (864)289.8973 or email him directly for information regarding the Business Liaison position.