Mauldin Police

Dog Registration

Per Mauldin City Ordinance any K-9 within the City Limits of Mauldin is required to be registered.  Generally dog registrations are completed each year and should be renewed within 30 days after the rabies vaccination has been received.  We offer 1 year tags and 3 year tags. In order to receive a 3 year tag, you must have rabies shot that is good for 3 years. The following fee schedule applies:


1 Year Tag (Spayed or Neutered) $5.00                                      1 Year Tag (Not Altered) $10.00

3 Year Tag (Spayed or Neutered) $12.50                                    3 Year Tag (Not Altered) $25.00


You may submit a dog registration by mail as long as it is accompanied by a copy of the rabies vaccination and proper fee. The registration will be processed and the tag will be mailed to you. Download Registration »

For additional information please contact Dani Kramer at (864) 289-8919 or email