Mauldin Police

K-9 Function






The Mauldin Police K-9 Function utilizes police service dogs as a locating tool and in situations that can reduce the risk of injury to an Officer. The MPD K-9 Function consists of four K-9 teams which are assigned to patrol squads and coordinated by a Sergeant. The K-9 teams report directly to their assigned shift supervisor and carry out normal patrol duties, with in-progress and K-9 related calls being their priority. All Mauldin Police K-9’s are “patrol” dogs, meaning that they are trained and certified to perform a variety of tasks to include controlled substance detection, tracking for suspects or missing persons, building and area searches for suspects, article searches for evidence or lost items, and apprehension of criminals. Each K-9 team is certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association (N.A.P.W.D.A.).

The K-9 Function requires extensive and constant reinforcement training which requires dedicated handlers, special equipment and funding. If you would like to make a donation to the Mauldin Police K-9 Function, please contact the K-9 coordinator, Sergeant George Miller, or any of the K-9 handlers. Thank you for your continued support!






K-9 Paco / Cpl. G. Miller

K-9 Paco / Cpl. G. Miller