Mauldin Police

K-9 Alex



In November 2009, K-9 Alex was purchased from K-9 Concepts Inc. in Broussard Louisiana.  K-9 Alex was 3 years old at this time and was imported from Holland.  As a KNPV certified K-9, Alex started training at eight weeks old and was titled at 2 1/2 years old.  Alex was named by local elementary school students after he was purchased by the City of Mauldin.

As a police service dog, Alex assists the police department in tracking lost persons or suspects, drug detection, article search, and handler protection.  K-9 Alex helps the Mauldin Police Department as a force multiplier by allowing other officers to be free for calls for service while he is working.  Alex is also called on to assist other municipalities in the area with his detection abilities.   Alex routinely takes part in public demonstrations to allow the community to see his keen sense of smell and agility which is required to perform his duties.  Alex is certified through the  North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).

K-9 Alex’s handler is Corporal Derrick Pendergrass.  Corporal Pendergrass joined the K9 Function as Alex’s new handler in May 2014.