Mauldin Police

K-9 Memorial


Rex was born in the Netherlands February 20, 2000.  He was trained until 2002, and at that time he was sent to Lynnwood Kennels, in Freemont Ohio, to finish his training.  Once, his training was completed Rex went into service as a patrol dog for the City of Mauldin.  In April 2005, Rex was assigned as a partner to Cpl. George Miller.

As a patrol dog, Rex was trained in Narcotics Detection, tracking/trailing, and building and area searches.  Rex was certified as a “Patrol Dog” by The North American Police Work Dog Association, NAPWDA.  Rex was, also, Narcotic Detection certified through the National Police Canine Association, NPCA.  Rex served the Mauldin Police Department, but also assisted other agencies such as S.L.E.D., Highway Patrol, Easley Police Department, and Greenville County.  Rex had a remarkable career in tracking suspects, and finding narcotics, and currency.  Rex, also, did demonstrations for businesses, schools, and other special functions.

In April 2010, Rex retired from police work due to a long career and declining health.  Rex stayed with Corporal Miller and his family to enjoy his last days as a loving family member.  On July 10, 2011 Rex passed away with his family by his side.

Rex was a dedicated Police Officer, Partner, Friend and Family Member.  He will be missed by all that came in contact with him.




On December 9th of 1996, the Mauldin Police Department purchased K-9 Billy from Charles Kirchner Canine Consultants Inc. in Inman, SC.  Billy was selected as a single purpose Narcotic Detection K-9.  Billy was a Black Labrador Retreaver and was selected due to the temperament of the breed to be able to be used around kids and in schools.

Billy was initially trained and assigned to work on the Mauldin Police Department’s ACE(Aggressive Criminal Enforcement) Team until June of 1998 when Billy was to be assigned to a new handler.

Mauldin Police Department then hired Officer Chris McCord to be assigned with Billy to the ACE Team.  Billy and Officer McCord worked together for nine years.  Billy was instrumental in numerous drug arrests, vehicle seizures, money seizures, and search warrants.  Billy was also used to search the lockers and parking lot of the Mauldin High School, lockers of the Mauldin Middle School, and do demonstrations for numerous classes at not only Mauldin’s schools but many others with in the Greenville County School District.  Billy remained on the ACE team until it was disbanded in 2002 when he was assigned to Uniform Patrol.  During his time on Patrol, not only did Billy assist the Mauldin Police Department, he has assisted with searches with all the surrounding agencies and the Greenville County Safe Communities Traffic Task Force.

In June 2006, Billy came off the road and was assigned with Officer McCord to the Training Division of the Mauldin Police Department.  Billy continued to go out on search warrants with the Detective Division and call outs for Patrol to search homes, businesses, and cars.  Billy continued to attend NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association) Certifications.  He attended his last training in October 2006 in Bartow County, Georgia.

In June 2007, It was announced that Billy and Officer McCord were being promoted to Sergeant.  On July 2nd, 2007, Billy was found to have a tumor and required emergency surgery.  He passed away on the morning of July 4th, 2007 from a blood clot.  He was treated with great respect and cremated by the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville, SC.  His ashes were spread on Lake Hartwell, one of Billy’s favorite places to swim and fetch tennis balls, on July 4th, 2010 at a private ceremony.




In December 2006 K-9 Kenny joined the Mauldin Police Department.  K-9 Kenny was purchased by Cpl. Hamilton from Cross Creek Canine in Edgefield SC.  Kenny was trained  as a police service dog at Cross Creek Canine.

As a police service dog Kenny assisted the police department in narcotics detection, tracking/trailing, building search, area search, article search, handler protection and aggression control of suspects. K-9 Kenny was used as a force multiplier by allowing other officers to be free for calls for service. During his career K-9 Kenny assisted other local agencies and performed numerous public demonstrations. K-9 Kenny was certified as a police service dog by the North American Police Canine Association, South Caroline Police K-9 Association and the National Police Canine Association. Kenny retired from duty in November 2009 due to illiness.  Sadly K-9 Kenny lost his life to this illness in 2011.

K-9 Kenny’s handlers were Ptl. Robinson and Cpl. Hamilton.