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K-9 Chica

K-9 Chica


In January of 2010, Mauldin Police traveled to Custom Canine Unlimited in Georgia to select a new Police Service Dog.  At that time, K-9 “Chica” was selected to join the Mauldin Police Department  from many possibilities.  Chica was 21 months old at the time of her selection.  Chica is a 50 pound, brown and black Belgian Malinois who was imported from Holland.  She is very social and loves to work. 

As a police service dog (PSD),  K-9 Chica  is trained in tracking suspects or missing persons, evidence and property finds, building searches, area searches, controlled substance detection, suspect apprehension and handler/citizen protection work.    In this capacity K-9 Chica is used on a daily basis to assist the City of Mauldin Officers, as well as being requested by multiple agencies throughout the upstate for assistance.  K-9 Chica has also performed a wide variety of demonstrations to various community groups, schools and businesses.

K-9 Chica’s handler is Sergeant  R. Herron.  Sergeant Herron is the K-9 Function coordinator and has been K-9 Chica’s handler since she came to the department in February of 2010.