Mauldin Police

K-9 Maverick

In April 2017 the Mauldin Police Department traveled to Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania to select a new Police Service Dog.  At that time, K-9 “Jumpi” was selected to join the Mauldin Police Department.  Jumpi was 17 months years old at the time of his selection.   Jumpi is a Belgian Malinois who was imported from Hungary.

Jumpi’s name was soon changed after teaming up with his handler.   The name was changed to “Maverick” in honor of The Mauldin Mavericks.

K-9 Maverick was a green dog at the time of his selection, which means he had received no formalize training.  Currently both Maverick and his handler are undergoing training with the Greenville County K-9 unit.   The 600+ hour training course covers all aspects of training including narcotics detection, area and article searches, building searches, tracking, suspect apprehension, obedience, and citizen/handler protection.

At the completion of training (Summer 2017), Maverick will hit it streets of Mauldin, working as a Certified Police K-9.

Maverick will be utilized on a daily basis to assist the City of Mauldin Officers, as well as provide assistance to multiple agencies throughout the Upstate.  Along with Maverick’s normal duties, he will also perform various demonstrations for our local schools and various community events.

K-9 Maverick’s handler is Officer Gary Krause, who has been with the Mauldin Police Department since 2013.