Mauldin Police

Officer of the Year – Benjamin Ford

Detective Benjamin Ford has been selected Officer of the Year for 2010. The selection was based on the recommendation of of all sworn and non-sworn personnel within Mauldin Police Department.

This is an annual award whereby Mauldin Police Employees recommend that officer for the previous calendar year who best represents and demonstrates those distinguishing qualities essential in a competent, excellent police officer.

Detective Ford’s duty performance, initiative, consistency, demeanor, commitment toward civic and community service, and performance evaluations certainly support this recognition and favorably reflect the values of the Mauldin Police Department.

Detective Ford received Law Enforcement Certification and was hired by the to the Mauldin Police Department in early 2003.  He is currently assigned to the department’s Detective Division.

Officer Ford represents the Mauldin Police Department with distinction and exemplifies the characteristics of an excellent police officer.

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