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Police Youth Academy

The Mauldin Police Department has been conducting its annual Police Youth Academy since the Summer of 2007. During the Academy’s three week sessions, Twenty-five middle school aged males and females undergo a highly structured, well disciplined training program.. The Police Youth Academy focuses on goal setting and self esteem, conflict resolution, peer mediation, violence and substance abuse, and law/justice. The mission of the Academy is to provide the student cadets with the social skills needed to make them more productive students and members of our community.

School Resource Officers from both Mauldin High School and Mauldin Middle School, Mauldin Police Officers, and volunteers from the community teach the daily curriculum and educational field trips are planned for Academy participants.

The Academy is funded through the City of Mauldin’s crime prevention budget and from donations from the public and private sectors in the form of cash, goods and services. Best of all there is no cost to the cadet’s family for them to attend.

The Academy is geared for boys and girls ages 11-14 and preference in selection process is given to those applications from students who live in Mauldin or attend Mauldin area Schools.

Contact the police department for information on the 11th Annual Mauldin Police Youth Academy coming summer of 2018.

Letter from the Chief of Police

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