Mauldin Police


The Mauldin Police Department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is comprised of four full-time, sworn police officers at selected schools within the city.  The SRO program provides an increased level of effective interaction between the Police Department, students, school officials and parents. This liaison between the Police Department and the Greenville County School District facilitates the rapid resolution of minor problems before they become significant. While SRO’s are fully trained police officers with arrest authority, their primary focus is working with the schools administration to maintain a safer learning environment.

The SRO program is based on a philosophy that the School Resource Officer is an instructor in safety and law-related issues, a law-related advisor, and of course, a law enforcement officer. The officer, while in school, becomes involved in a variety of functions aimed at prevention of violence and crime.

In addition to school activities, since 2007 the SRO’s serve as instructors for the Mauldin Police Department Youth Academy.

The 2017-2018 SRO’s are:


SRO Anthony Koutsos                      Mauldin High School

SRO Becky Sulligan                           Mauldin High School

SRO Matt Cohen                                Mauldin Middle School



bannerSRO Rick Mahlstedt                          Bethel Elementary,  Mauldin Elementary    Goldenstrip Career Center.