Mauldin Police

Traffic Function

The Mauldin Police Department Traffic Safety Team was first formed in October 2007 with the receipt of a grant issued by the South Carolina Office of Highway Safety.  This original grant funded two officers with the primary focus of reducing collision within the City of Mauldin.  With the receipt of our second grant the traffic team was increased by two officers with the focus of Impaired Driving Enforcement.

As of 2012 when the grant funding ran out, the Mauldin Police Department began to utilize the concept of DDACTS (Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety).  There are seven principles of DDACTS, they are as follows:

  1. Enlist partners and stakeholders
  2. Identify and collect crash and crime hot spots data
  3. Analyze the data for characteristics and causes
  4. Enact tactics and operational strategies that work
  5. Share information with partners, citizens, and media
  6. Monitor, evaluate, and adjust operations
  7. Develop and adjust outcome measures