Mauldin Police


The Training function is vital to maintaining and increasing the quality of the training at the Mauldin Police Department and is a vital component in any professional organization. The Training Sergeant oversees all aspects of training and is assisted by Certified Instructors. Currently the Mauldin Police Department has Eight Basic Instructors, Nine Specific Skills Instructors, Three Driving Instructors, Four Firearms Instructors, Three SMD (Speed Measurement Device) Instructors, Three Advanced DUI Instructors, One Ground Defense Instructor, One Defensive Tactics Instructor, One Simmunition Instructor and One TASER Instructor all assisting in the continued training and recertification of our Police Officers.

The Training Unit is responsible for carrying out the Chief’s directions and maintaining requirements mandated by the South Carolina Training Act, training curriculum for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and In-Service training.

The Mauldin Police Department sends new recruits to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for a twelve week Basic Law Enforcement Academy.
Recruits are also put through a very comprehensive 14 week FTO (Field Training Program) before being released on their own for duty.

Further information on training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy program can be found on their website