Mauldin Police


Name:  Pimienta, Reynaldo R.
Sex:  M        Race:  H    Age:   45    DOB:  02/21/1964
Hgt: 5’11”    Wgt:  200    Hair:  Black    Eyes:  Brown

Additional Information:
Wanted for Attempted Murder

Pimienta is wanted for shooting a female in her car while she was driving to work. He was last known to be in the Tampa, Florida area, but maybe in South Carolina, New York, Colombia South America, or Spain.  There is a warrant issued for Pimienta.
He should be considered ARMED & DANGEROUS!


Name:  McDaniel, Mario Delone
Sex:  M        Race:  B    Age:   37    DOB:  12/26/1979
Hgt: 5’11”    Wgt:  187    Hair:  Black    Eyes:  Brown

Additional Information:
Wanted for Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature.

Mario McDaniel is wanted for the stabbing a victim during a fight on July 14, 2016 in the Days Inn Hotel in Mauldin, SC.   Mr. McDaniel has lived in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Hawaii.




Name: Sutton, Dawn Marie
AKA(s): Dawn Marie Rowell, Dawn Marie Bruno, Rebecca Maria Anderson, Rebecca Dotson
Sex:  F        Race:  W    Age:   47    DOB:  5/17/1970
Hgt: 5’5”  
  Wgt:  190    Hair:  Brown    Eyes:  Brown

Additional Information:

Wanted for Obtaining Money by False Pretense > $5,000

Dawn Sutton is wanted for fraudulently obtaining $5,427.00 from Certus Bank in Mauldin in March, 2011. She fraudulently opened a banking account and used several fraudulent schemes to acquire the money.





Name: Brown, Jason Allen
AKA(s): Unknown
Sex:  M        Race:  W    Age:   22    DOB:  8/4/1994
Hgt: 5’7”    Wgt:  140    Hair:  Black    Eyes:  Brown

Additional Information:

Wanted for Malicious Damage to Personal Property

Jason Brown is wanted for his participation in the damaging of approximately $5,000 worth of vacuum cleaners at the Wash Me Autowash in Mauldin on January 5, 2017.